Computer games past and present

Writing a single article on past computer games which delighted the eyes of many gamers would be rather difficult. However, there are some notable games which have paved the way for technological evolution in the world of gaming, and this is seen in games which are being played as we speak.

With platforms like Steam, Origin, Uplay, GoG and many more, distribution for games has become widely popular and it is no longer just a hobby confined to children or those who are merely curious. Before the multi-million productions which you see around today however, there have been games which were much less than cinematic experiences, though it is still thanks to these titles that gaming has become what it is today.

For two notable titles keep reading this brief article.

Counter Strike

This FPS has undoubtedly paved the way for the modern shooter, what you commonly see in ARMA, Call of Duty, Battlefield and many more. Counter Strike made objectives popular in shooters, such as capture the flag, plant the bomb and more. The health system is also widely used in many shooters, a system which does not allow for recharge (except in very special cases).

Other innovations were the fast pace of rounds and the light loading times, which made the experience extremely streamlined and competitive, catapulting the FPS genre into the future.


Minecraft’s distinctive voxel engine has spawned numerous similar games, though some less successful than the original. Games like Ace of Spades and Guncraft have added a different twist to the original sandbox experience, and added a competitive shooter element which wasn’t present in the original game by Notch.

The flexibility of this engine will surely appeal to a number of other successors and clones, and the wide popularity the original game still enjoys is likely to last for a long time. It is difficult to say if other genres will be introduced, like the FPSs mentioned, to give the Minecraft engine an interesting twist.