Leading Casino Slots

Over time people have come to use the words slots and casinos interchangeably. That is generally because whenever the words are mentioned, the other one will pop into your mind immediately. The slots are the epitome of the casino industry. There are thousands of slot games that have been developed over the years, and online casinos have only increased them in numbers. You cannot really say that there is one favourite slot compared to another because it depends on the player’s individual tastes and likes.Although most slots are developed according to movie themes and fairy tales, there are others that are based on other human fantasies like cars, dolls, and sports.Here are some of the leading slot games today:

  • Arabian nights – If you like the Arabian culture and their past way of life, then this slot is sure to thrill you. You will find ancient artefacts like knives, turbans and genie bottles to add to the excitement. This is a five reel game with numerous bonuses and scatter symbols.
  • Hall of gods – This game is one of the all-time casino favourites, themed on Norse mythology. With a progressive jackpot and plenty of ways to win, this slot has made millionaires.
  • Top Cat – If you love cartoons, then this is your slot. It is based on the famous cartoon series with its notorious characters.
  • Gladiators of Rome – This is another fascinating slot that is set in an ancient era; this time, the grandeur and gore of the Roman games of old. There is a lot of blood and sand involved in the slot to add to the thrill.
  • Red Dragon – This slot is based on the movie with the same title. If you love karate and swords then you will find plenty of that in this slot. Dragons are part of ancient Chinese culture and they definitely add to the excitement of this slot.