Slots Come in All Shapes and Sizes

The huge popularity of slots has ensured that there are a wide variety of types, themes and styles available, all in order to cater for the growing audience that enjoys playing them. There are many different games types in online slots. Firstly, there are the traditional ones that utilise the classic three-reel technique. Whilst these are making a minor comeback in popularity, they must contend with the vastly more popular five-reel slots. These offer the players multiple winning opportunities with their multiple pay line options. In addition to this, there are other multiple reel slots that can offer up to 240 plus pay lines, almost unheard of back in the old days of casino goers. These extra pay lines offer players the chance of more wins albeit usually smaller ones unless the jackpot is hit. Lastly, there are the progressive jackpot slots. Relatively new on the scene, these are also becoming highly popular with their continuously growing jackpot (until a player wins), these games entice many a hopeful player. With some excellent progressives coming from the likes of Microgaming and NetEnt, players are spoilt for choice. Casinos tend to offer a wide range of slots and none more so than White Label Casino. They offer a huge range of slots from the top providers, enabling players to find all their gaming needs in one easy interface. There are also many options for different themes. These can range from the simple classic slots, to animal themes, to riches, all the way to the popular movie themed slots. These are also increasing in popularity due to many of these games being based on highly popular movies; titles such as Jurassic Park and Terminator 2 are particularly popular, immersing the player straight back in the movie. With so many options, it is easy for a player to find their perfect game.