Slots Take on the Movies

Slot games are and always will be favourites for any casino goer, be they online or land based. Now there are literally thousands of options all with different themes and following different genres in an effort to make them stand out.A current trend appears to be creating slots with movie themes. Many big blockbuster movies do very well at the box office, so slot game providers are following suit and using these big draws to entice more players. Current games include many from the Marvel franchise and are produced by the excellent Playtech Company, though it appears that this franchise area will soon be removed and will be rebranded in another form. A few of Playtech’s other notable offerings include Rocky, Gladiator and The Mummy. Playtech is not the only company to be cashing in on this lucrative theme. Microgaming, whilst joining a little later, has also produced some excellent movie themed slots with excellent choices being The Dark Knight Rises, Jurassic Park and Terminator 2. Even for those gamers who haven’t watched the films, all of these games are guaranteed to impress with the excellent graphics, storytelling and immersive gameplay. These companies are truly taking slot games to the next level.With so much selection, choosing which slot to play can seem like a somewhat overwhelming task. The simplest and most logical option of course is to pick a game based on a favourite movie. Have some fun, make a little money and relive the movie experience. It becomes a win on all fronts. This is no doubt why the movie themed slots are doing so well, and are continuing to experience a dramatic increase in numbers. This theme looks to be staying around for a long time to come.